Instant Critique

Instant Critique is a french website i’ve created to talk about my passion, cinema.
Quickly, a french short webshow was born on youtube. Wich is talking about old unknown and forgotten movies.
Joined by some talented people like Christophe Thockler, we created an audio podcast that is now available, an also a new webshow « Réflexion Faite » dedicated to nowadays movies.

Instant Critique – Webshow (in french)

Written by : Quentin DUMAS & David CHAVERONDIER
Directed and Edited by : Quentin DUMAS

Instant Critique l’audio – Podcast (in french)

Edited by : Christophe THOCKLER & Quentin DUMAS

Réflexion Faite – Webshow (in french)

Written, directed and edited by Quentin DUMAS.